Portable Toilet Truck

PAA Manufacturing has created a state of the art portable toilet transportation truck to easily and efficiently move empty or full portable toilets. These trucks are designed for local and national porta potty companies as a way to save them time and money while making their deliveries and pick-ups of their portable toilets. The way it works, is we outfit out of date flat bed trucks with railing and tie downs so each truck can conveniently haul 8 standard portable toilets. It also has a lowering mechanism that can be operated by a single employee which means that portable toilet companies no longer have to work in two man team. This greatly reduces pay to employees and creates a much more efficient way to deliver porta potties.

If you would like to check out the portable restroom trucks in action or just need to rent some portable restrooms you can go to portablerestroomsusa.com. Portable Restrooms USA specializes in special event and VIP portable restrooms, but also offers standard construction site porta potty rentals throughout the entire United States as well.

The design up the truck bed along with the way you are able to maneuver the portable toilets also creates less drag and therefor is able to save you hundreds of dollars in gas every month while your team is driving around doing pick-ups and drop-offs. There is also no need for a specific trucking license because these truck beds are outfitted on standard pick-up trucks that don't require any special permit. We also have a special tracking device on all our trucks which can help monitor truck drivers and also gives suggestions for future driving on how to save time and money while driving. Please contact PAA Manufacturing to get your new fleet of portable toilet trucks today!